Lumber Yards

How We Assist Lumberyards

With effective thermal protection, added safety, cost effective pricing and ease of installation, North Star Fibre works very closely with many lumberyards across Manitoba and Western Canada. We can assist in several areas:

  • Answer any questions relating to Cellulose Insulation
  • Offer Training and Educational seminars on the benefits of Cellulose Insulation
  • Provide Technical support to ensure all issues are addressed
  • Provide Service support to your employees or your customers in all aspects of the product
  • North Star Fibre Installation Instruction
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Warranty

Benefits of North Star Fibre’s Cellulose Insulation

North Star Fibre produces a cellulose-fibre, thermal building insulation made from 100% recycled papers with chemical fire retardant (Boric Acid) added.

Some of the benefits of our cellulose insulation are:

  • The benefits of cellulose insulation has been proven in numerous industry sponsored, as well as government and third party sponsored tests, to be at least 40% more effective as both a thermal insulator and a sound barrier than other insulating materials. In fact, at temperatures below freezing, the thermal effectiveness of other materials falls precipitously, while cellulose maintains its effectiveness.
  • Safe and easy to handle as it is non-toxic and non-corrosive.
  • Has the natural ability to absorb and release moisture vapor depending on relative humidity.
  • The fire retardants in North Star Fibre’s Cellulose Insulation allows the product to pass strict testing (CAN/ULC-S703-01) in open-flammability, open-flammability permanency, surface burning characteristics, smolder resistance and fungi resistance.
  • Cellulose is less expensive to install than other insulating materials.
  • Today, one of the most effective ways to save energy when buying new homes or upgrading existing homes is through energy efficient North Star Fibre Cellulose Insulation. Cellulose provides significant, on-going savings versus other insulating materials on the cost of home energy.
  • Cellulose insulation is environmentally friendly as well, because it is made up almost entirely of recycled materials.
  • Our cellulose insulation is rodent resistant.

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