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North Star Fibre Inc. is dedicated to producing the highest quality cellulose in the world from a company you can trust. Our facility was constructed in the year 2000 and is located in Morden, Manitoba, Canada, which is centrally located and in close proximity to the USA border.

North Star Fibre is well on its way to turning what has previously been a ‘specialty environmentally friendly product’ into a major player in the building products industry. North Star Fibre’s natural fibre insulation offers many environmental benefits being produced from 100% recycled paper fibre. Produced with no harmful chemicals, our cellulose insulation provides a safe and cost effective option for builders, installers and DIYers.

Some people think of cellulose as a relatively low-tech material. On the contrary, with new technologies, such as attrition mills, chemical mills and state of the art bagging systems, the cellulose process technology used at North Star Fibre Inc. is very sophisticated. Our specially designed mills separate cellulose fibres producing less dust as well as more uniform fibres for maximum air blockage capabilities. At North Star Fibre, 100% of our focused energy, time and effort go into producing our one main product: cellulose insulation. Hence we do it well!

To find out more about our company or the benefits of cellulose, click on the Our Product link or contact Garth at: 1.866.822.9668.

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