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North Star Fibre Inc., privately owned by CanAm Holding Company produces high quality cellulose from 100% recycled paper fibre offering a safe, durable and cost effective solution to your insulation needs.

Our quality policy is to produce and deliver on time, our cellulose insulation products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. We have implemented quality systems and processes that are continuously improved to satisfy customers’ needs.

We will ship our product anywhere in Western Canada at a reasonable rate. It is our goal to achieve operational excellence in all aspects of manufacturing, supply and customer order fulfillment. Using new modern and advanced technologies in our plant make us leaders in the insulation industry. Total computerization of our plant, a dedicated staff, and a commitment to continuous improvement ensures that only the best products are shipped to the consumer. Always!

“From the initial order through to the follow up service, North Star Fibre takes great care of their customers”

Jason Zdrill

Warehouse Supply

The North Star Fibre Commitment

At North Star Fibre, we are committed to our cellulose insulation product and put 100% of our research, effort, production and service into this one product. We guarantee that if our cellulose insulation is properly installed, it will retain its thermal resistance, fire retardant and non-corrosive characteristics as well as its ability to control sound. To find out more about our cellulose insulation product, click on the Our Product link.